Product & Services
Project Consultancy
Research & Market Study
Leasing & Marketing
Mall Operations & Management

Project Consultancy, Planning and Design
Master Planning & Concept
Design developments and lay-out reviews
Retail theme formulation
Retail positioning
Trade tenant mix planning, traffic circulation & facilities provisions

Research & Market Study
Environmental Scanning
Usage and attitude research
Formulation of Key Strategies and key success factors based on the market research
Formulation of Business and Marketing Plan

Leasing and Marketing
Identification & securing anchor & ancillary tenants
Formulation of leasing procedures & strategies
Formulation of revenue streams and financial model returns
Formulation & reviewing of leasing & management documents
Marketing & promotional campaign

Mall Operations and Management
Identification of organizational tasks & design of table of organization
Contracting & supervision of building management services
Development of billing management services
Documentation of the mall operations & financial policies & procedures